Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

August 16th 2019 Fishing Report



          AUGUST 16, 2019 TO AUGUST 22, 2019

 CONDITIONS: If by chance, your familiar with the weather history of SW Florida in the heat of summer…….tell me if you’ve ever experienced a year when we’ve ever had a year without even a tropical storm warning come mid to late August. We’ve been here since 1988 and the answer is ZERO. Not that we cherish the absence but it draws the question as to what is going on ?????. Add to that deviation from normalcy that we never have experienced the tumulus morning storms added onto the Everglades normal summer evening thunder bangers. So what’s happening ??? Answer: something!……so stay tuned. Back to reality and the projected fishing conditions this coming week…….Still have the daily recitation of RAIN / TSTORMS any time from any direction morning, noon or night but you can add in some wind that has been absent most of the spring/summer. It will show up here on the afternoons post weekend in the form of low teen gusts…..won’t shut the fishing down but will add another element that can foul the water and angler dispositions as they get tossed around. The searing heat will continues with real feels by noon touching three digits and the water temps will hold in the 85-88 degree range. Best fishing will be early to mid morning. The tides are post full moon and moderate both ways so they can be worked normally.

BACKWATER: The inundation of rain will continue to add a coloration akin to the mangrove roots in the backwaters. So fishing for the hot species now such as mangrove snapper and infrequent action by nice size black drum will probably slow just a bit. Both those species are summer active working the current fed mangrove edges especially on an incoming tide working simple shrimp rigs tight toward the evidence of bait action and moving water. Snook are staying super active all along the current fed backwaters especially where there is a drop off from a fast current fed edge. Snook are mostly small but provide an aggressive fight. Please use circle hooks and release carefully. Redfish are moving into the spawning cycle. The nearshore waters will cradle the big males that are part of the annual reproduction process……..great fight but now restricted north of the Gordon River totally and to published limits of 27” south. The females are feeding all along the backwater high water edges and still in season south of the Gordon…..but good idea to release for stock building issues.

OFFSHORE: The slight wind this week will probably not change either the fishing quality offshore or the creature comfort level. Tight to the beaches stiill seeing enormous schools of active bait that draws consistent action from Kice Island all the way north on Gordon Pass on legions of “desirables”…….snapper, pompano, mackerel, whiting, small sharks, working the massive bait schools working the incredible late season conditions. Almost any bait worked in the first 75-100’ off the beach in 7-10’ of water will draw substantial action on the tantalizing incoming tide. Simple tipped jigs worked under a light chum will draw all sorts of action. Deep the marked reef action looks like it will be sustained in the feeding cycle with kingfish,cobia still super active in and amongst the hordes of evident baitfish working these spots. Kings, cobia, yellowtail snapper, are still leading this late season parade. Tune the waters on the reefs with good block chum efforts followed up with fresh cut or just harvested live bait. No question as to what you’ll draw with that combination. Lastly, for some exhilarating action, try super deep wrecks for amberjack action with live bait dropped verticall right into wreck structure and then on major rigs hang on with all you’ve got.

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