Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

August 30th 2019 Fishing Report



                        CHARTER FISHING CAPTAINS

                AUGUST 30, 2019 TO SEPTEMBER 7, 2019

  CONDITIONS: Held off just a tad this week in putting this weather and fishing report together…….Hurricane Dorian was well in the way. As Saturday melts away it looks like the hurricane may be drifting east and will spare the SW Florida domain a “Pass”. We obviously will get some riled up water but nothing like what would happen if Dorian was a direct hit. So this week look for some riled up water especially in the backwaters that should clear after no more than two or three tide cycles. It will slow the fishing but not stop it. The nearshore and offshore water should be impervious to the upheaval but the shallower backwater will have some impact. The balance of the week will clear whatever impacts of Dorian are left and we should be back to normal by late week. Hopefully all the impacting issues of the Hurricane will dissipate quite quickly. The tides will be coming off a new moon early week and then easing mid week with a weakening ebb tide come late week. The water temperature will hang in there with readings ranging from 86 to circa 84 depending on the water depth you are working. Finally, personal experience has shown that the fishing will be “hesitant” as the fish respond to the weather turmoil….so giv it a day or two to have the conditions settle.

BACKWATER: Should be a good week to work the changing conditions from summer to fall even with the climate turmoil. Redfish action is literally coming alive as the redfish “runts” show up from the hatcheries and feed heavily almost everywhere . Get a shrimp or live bait anywhere in the backwaters and and one of those guys will scoff it down  (Careful release please….they are our future!) There is still good snook action all along the  tidal waters on our coast and they are comfortable even as the summer wanes. There are MANY mongo snook on the waterway corners and edges …. please be careful on the release, Mangrove snapper have had a banner year on growth and it’s not unusual now to see a steady diet of 11-12’ mangroves working most all backwater mangrove havens holding structure and bait . Redfish are the active name of the game now with activity anywhere along the bait laden waterways working a shrimp on a simple rig of shrimp on a circle hook worked on a 4’ fluoro leader under a popper on a drift along a mangrove edge worked at the last part of an incoming tide.

OFFSHORE: Hurricane won’t make much difference here…..some impact deep as the counter-clockwise water churns back through the expense at the curvature of the Northern Gulf. Should not be an major impact here as we still work the rather stable water conditions on the nearshore and offshore reefs and wrecks. If anything, would think that the turmoil of the waters in DORIAN would have scads of fish head our way. Kings, cobia, sharks etc have continued to be very active as we travelled through this period of turmoil. Would think the fishing prospects here would be enhanced as the storm moves north ……all that hurricane action drives a difference in conditions which many times enhances the bite. Bottom line, if it all plays out we’re lucky here in SW Florida……Play your advantage this week.

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