Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

June 6th 2019 Fishing Report




CONDITIONS: This will be a week that reminds you of what the “full” summer vacillating weather conditions will be like. It’s a real feel of over 100 degrees as we enter the coming week but that will quickly change and bring us storms and gusty winds by the week end…..expect winds (unfavorable) out of the west and blowing with gusts in the 20-25 knot range expected late mornings and on into afternoons. That will make a difference in the quality of fishing during those couple of days but will make some positive difference in the days that follow. We lamented last week that the “too clean” water experienced over the past couple of weeks had put the bite on edge as the clarity of the water made the fish skittish as they avoided the intrusion of the obtrusive sight of the tackle.

That will change as the water clouds up a tad. Other factors for the week will see tides of reasonable strength off a new moon with the morning outgoing more favorable. The water temperature will still be cooking and running from 81 to 84 degrees depending on your locale and depth.

BACKWATER: As noted in Conditions, backwaters in particular were primary in the anomaly of crystal clear water and the skittish reaction by fish sighting the intrusion of tackle in their feeding environment. That should change radically post the wind caused bottom upheaval late week. As the water “hazes” up things should go back normal. The primary opportunity then will be pelagics (mackerel, bluefish, pompano, jacks etc) in the Passes on the first parts of either tide taking tipped jigs in areas where sea birds are active. Along the backwater edges anywhere from Addison Bay up through Johnson Bay to Rookery you’ll be into mangrove snapper action working shrimp pieces on jigs or lindy rigs tight to fauna edges. A tip: mangrove snapper school by size; if you run into a bunch of undersized runts, pick up and move on to a deeper spot with better water flow which should hold some keepers.

NEARSHORE: As reported last week, we are seeing inshore action all along the beaches in the 7-10’ depths of both pelagics and non-pelagics working sizable bait schools working that depth and current. Best spots might be just off the tip of Kice Island (south of Marco); the waters within 1/4 mile off the tip of Sandollar Island and the area north of Marco just off the west edge of Keeywadin Island in the proximity of the coastal houses. Best approach is with light chum worked in the faster current points pulling tipped jigs slowly just off the bottom. Should see pompano, jacks, small sharks, mackerel and an occasional smaller snook (release). Deeper reef fishing spots would be the Walton Reef off Caxambas Pass and the Naftal Reefs just south of Cape Romano where bottom fishing could draw anything from sharks to small kings……so if you decide to fish these spots upgrade you’re equipment.

OFFSHORE: Running deep now comes in two “flavors”……..deep and really deep. For deep you’re talking reefs and wrecks in the 20-30 mile range either west or southwest of the island. Note: Most of these locations are listed on the FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission) website ( and include artificial reefs, natural reef formations and sunken wrecks (usually barges). As far as timing goes this week, with wind and storms forecast mid week, something late weekend or early week would be the best (and safe) bet. On arrival at a chosen spot, first run the reef with the finder on……..locate bait “balls” that’s the spot – no bait – move on. Once located your spot, set up upstream in tidal flow and get some deeper set block chum working; get a large cut bait to the bottom on max tackle and then work light weighted live or cut bait in the slick. Targets: mackerel, small to medium kings, small grouper, cobia to some size; and chance for Goliath Grouper.


God Bless those who gave so much on June 6th 1944 in securing America’s Freedom.

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