Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

June 8th 2018 Fishing Report

CONDITIONS: Finally get a brief respite from the relatively constant rain and stormy weather. Now we get the scorching heat with PM temperature real feel in the 100-105 degree range. Tough on us and tougher of the fish. Experience on charters has shown that conditions on the water are generally in a state of flux……constantly changing. Perhaps as we move into the heart of summer here, we’ll see conditions settle down. You know the drill……nice cool mornings with just a tad of a breeze that heat up by late morning and send us packing to the air conditioning until the PM Everglades T-storms descend on us for an hour or and cool things off for pleasant evenings. And that routine, day after day, will settle down the fishing quality with it’s consistency. The expected weather this week shows some evidence of that happening……some patterned showers over the weekend and then the balance of the week is crystal clear and devoid of tumult. Significant for the week however is a super strong tide triggered by a new moon late week. Look for afternoon outgoing tides that will exceed a four foot drop in 6-7 hour time frames. Finally the water temperature is creeping up and will be showing the mid 80’s by week end.

BACKWATER: The unsettled conditions show up most prominently in the shallower backwaters. Species such as permit and bonefish are showing in the backwaters which is not a customary occurrence……and sort of displays the “mixed up” water and weather conditions. Think if those conditions settle down, we have a chance back here for a good summer season. The heat of the water will energize the mangrove and lane snapper and we should see a steady increase in nice size “take homes” in the 11-13” range. Try most all mangrove edges which display downed trees and other fauna working shrimp on a 1/4 oz jig hear or on a lindy rig tight to the structure. Another tip on bigger snapper is that the major size fish will restrain from working hard in the faster moving tides and show up to feed in the half hour / forty five minutes on either side of slack water. NOTE: Try to avoid the raging outgoing tide mid to late week afternoons…as noted it will fall over 4’ in six hours. Other possible action, as the water cleans up will be mackerel and pompano in all three Passes working tipped jigs to the bottom on a drift.

NEARSHORE: Storms will be a problem here both morning and afternoon over the weekend……should ease up early week. Action on mackerel / bluefish seems to be holding steady all along the first and second lines of reefs off the beaches. Look for bird feeding action or surface eruptions of escaping bait and either set up current with a block of chum working tipped jigs or peel off 100’ of line towing a spoon or flashy jig on the edges of surface eruptions. Troll speed in the 4-5 kt range. The intense heat and rising water temps have excited the shark populations and there are reports now of good blacktip action along those same reefs as well as the major spots like the Capri Barges and the Isaac Walton Reef. Live bait on the bottom under a good chum slick should get you some hot exciting action.

OFFSHORE: Post weekend should be great out here with good tides, flat water and good pickings. The inside reefs that are swollen with bait have solid populations of both lane and mangrove snapper with an occasional triggerfish or porgy thrown in. That action can be initiated on structure showing bait on the Fathometer and then drawing fish in a generous chum effort…….working them with weighted jigs just a couple feet off the bottom. The mid range wrecks and reefs will have action on pelagics (kings, cobia, permit) working live bait, again, accentuated with a good chum effort. Plus your activity might well excite some sharks and cuda into the fray. Sharks on live bait and cuda on bait or fast trolled artificial eels.

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