Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

October 20th 2019 Fishing Report




              October 20, 2019 TO October 26, 2019

CONDITIONS: Troubled water conditions continue. Current Florida FWC weekly reports show our beaches and coastal waters the having the most red tide accumulation in all of SW Florida. And that’s been hanging in here for at least a month now. If have tried to fish or use the beaches you know the effect. The beaches and surf edges are littered with dead fish of just about all bottom feeding species and does that have an effect on tourism. Fishing takes a bit of a different turn……..the surviving fish try to escape by running to deeper waters with good tidal flow which will defer those escaping from the red tide to find place of safety. So there are some limited fishing opportunities. In the backwaters look for deeper water spots  (Rookery Bay, the ICW north Keeywadin Island) where there are birds feeding) birds mean bait is present……bait presence means feeding fish. It’s a tough go and all we can hope for is a cold front which will turn rhe situation around. Otherwise conditions this week are neutral……..average 2’ tides, moderate winds and high air temps.

BACKWATER: As mentioned in Conditions there are still some limited opportunities in the inside. The deep waters along the inside channels may hold some healthy fish. Places like Collier Creek on through to Collier Bay may hold some healthy silver trout and whiting….the Capri deep edges of the Marco River May hold some retreating bottom feeders……snapper, early season sheepshead with baits worked just off the bottom. The Calhoun Channel just north of Capri has some fairly deep water mid channel that may be clean and of course the water around ICE R#22 is very deep and hold some treasured pompano. Bottom line work areas that show seabirds and pelicans working from above and bait splashes on the water surface. Not going to be easy but maybe you’ll luck out.

OFFSHORE: Here it will be a much tougher call this week. Would recommend that you visit the FWC website before you plan your trip (www.myFWC,com) and follow the instructions to visit the Red Tide Report. On a page of that weekly report there is a map of the SW Florida coastline where samples for red tide intensity are plotted. The water quality north of Marco is much better than we are experiencing here.Pick a spot where the water is clean and then transfer that info on to a HOT SPOTS FISHING CHART (available at the ROSE store)………now look for the closest deep water reef  and set sail. If there is bait evidence, bottom action should get you snapper, triggerfish etc. Mid depth with live on wire under chum should get you mackerel and kingfish and maybe even a cobia.

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