Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

October 7th, to October 14th 2016 Fishing Report


CONDITIONS: Welcome to the Florida weather nemesis…..the Hurricane! It’s been awhile here……the last serious hurricane event occurred in October 2005 with Hurricane Wilma. That was a direct hit with a 130mph storm coming off the Gulf…..the hurricane we are experiencing, at the moment is an east coast storm where we should have marginal impacts. First and foremost, with the serious winds 100 plus miles east of us, we will be on the lee side of the storm where less storm surge will occur. But you can anticipate an extra 2-3′ of tidal water starting on Thursday. Luckily our effect from this hellacious east coast Florida will be riled up water caused by the 25-35 mph westerly winds coming at us from the west as the MATTHEW moves up the east coast. Then, also, the wind it itself, will be troublesome in trying to hold fishing spots and sandblasting those along the beaches. Otherwise the weather should be rain free post storm (storm will suck all the water out of the environment as it rambles through just east of here). The tides will be moderate both ways and the additional tidal surge may give you access to shallow spots heretofore inaccessible. Water temperature will probably dip into the 79-82 degree range which may create action the fall species that are late in showing i.e. Redfish. Black drum, sheepshead.

BACKWATER: The water temperature holding fairly stable bodes well for keeping the snook active. May be a temporary glitch in snook action if the water takes some time to clear, but the potential for snook action remains. They will begin moving back from the beaches and look for daytime action in the current points in the backwater Bays like Johnson, Rookery and Addison Bays. Incoming on the current points with white bait (if available) or live shrimp or even artificials. Another good spot in this transition period are the docks along the Marco River and connecting waterways either early morning or at dust to nightfall working live pinfish on the dock perimeter or with your favorite artificial. As mentioned, the dip in water temps could drive an uptick in the feeding activity of the redfish which is great news. The reds will show in schools working shallow flats and edges with the most notable venues being the major Bays and associated creeks. Here, your best technique is to work the leading edge of the school with a shrimp on a small jig head. Later, they will move into the tidal creeks following the tidal flow to the bait hangouts. Here it’s edging along the mangrove shallow edges and freelining a shrimp tight to the mangrove overhang. Black drum and sheepshead (few to legal size) should begin showing on those structure laden deep holes along the mangrove edges all along the waterways. Both can be enticed to the bite freelined small shrimp tight to the mangrove overhang.

NEARSHORE: Just bit of caution here as there will be some significant swells here probably through the early week. Impacts the fishing as well as the creature comfort. If the white bait schools return quickly, you should have nice action possibilities on pelagics (mackerel / bluefish) working the first and second reef structure that shows bait holding. Best approach is getting some chum in the water up current from the structure and then working tipped surface jigs right through the slick. Try and stay as close to the surface as possible to avoid the pesky blue runners working the 10-15′ range. Elsewhere, might want to sneak inshore and work the beaches Caxambas to Gordon Passes for snook working most any live bait tight to the surf with a minimum of weight. Good chance also for pompano, ladyfish and jacks.

OFFSHORE: A positive here……should be less thunder banger storms here early week but still want to be a tad careful with the boat lifting swells that should be out here. Closer in reefs 8-10 miles for good to very good action on lane and mangrove snapper as well as surface pelagics like mackerel and bluefish working the bottom structure at anchor with baits of tipped weighted jigs……also good idea to use some fresh white bait if available. Deeper the action on red grouper / gag grouper has been sustained right through the days with weather aberrations. Go for the red grouper in 60-65′ of water with hard bottom working a live pinfish for bait. If going deep is in your plans there is still good action on the deeper wrecks for amberjack. AJ’s to 35 # are available dropping a live bait vertically into the wrecks and then hanging on…they are quite a fight.

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