Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

September 7th 2019 Fishing Report




      September 7, 2019 TO SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

 CONDITIONS: Dorian may be tearing up the Eastern Seaboard as we put this week’s weather projections together but as will be see here, it’s side effects continue to play out here. Weather Channel hurricane movement for Dorian will continue to play out through most of this coming week. No raucous hurricane wind or high tides but it, essentially will suck the wind and moisture in the atmosphere out of our domain for the balance of the week and the some.  The loss of those two summer weather factors will #1 give us more basic heat that will add another 5-6 degrees to our REAL FEEL heat factor……..look for 102 to 104 in those afternoons this coming week. The loss of the moisture in the usually steamy afternoons will also add to the temperature level and the humidity. Bottom line morning conditions will almost be a mandatory choice for your trips. Can also look to water temperatures in the backwaters to top 90 degrees most days. But all of those downsides for the swipe by DORIAN here in SW pales in comparison to the damage that would have been endured by our total domain if the storm had been100 miles further west. Otherwise our conditions sans the searing heat will be different but livable…….the winds at light single digit strength will keep the water flat and the tides are straddling full and new moons so the tides will be workable both ways.

 BACKWATER: The usual annual exodus from SW Florida as the school year back home has commenced and our winter residents are still readying the fall has cut our fishing reports fairly thin these past weeks. So, it’s a bit sketchy this week. The water temp staying super warm and the water staying fairly clean with the lack of mangrove stain runoff gives us a dichotomy of factors consider this week. The warmth will hold the summer species like snapper but the stained water will be a turn off…..the couple of reports we are working with this week shows that……..bite still there but off a bit. A good sign …….on two different trips this week we ran into pompano action in deeper cuts like Rookery Bay and Hurricane Pass working tipped jigs just off the bottom in the start and end of moving tides. Also a couple of hints of redfish staying active in the north end of Upper Addison Bay and the flats in Henderson Creek filtered in adding hope for a quick return to normalcy here when “fall”arrives.

OFFSHORE: The expectation of a brief continuance of nice flat seas brings hope that once the things settle down a bit we will retain the presence of the huge bait schools we experienced deep this summer…….drawing nice action on bottom dwellers such as snapper, triggerfish and even a few keeper grouper as well as some strong visits from the roaming kingfish, mackerel, cobia and amberjacks. Plus a slight cool down just may trigger that surge in the red grouper bite that we have long awaited for. Additionally, we’re closing in on the 2019-20 stone crab trapping exercise next month will be the key to draw the tripletail action once again. That all will be possible if we are lucky enough to keep the red tide and the infusion of the blue-green algae intrusion from the people managing the water at Lake O……….maybe the conference in Bonita Springs two weeks ago will bear fruit on the management of our SW seawater……We’ll see.

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