Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

April 5th 2019 Fishing Report



APRIL 5, 2019 TO APRIL 12, 2019

CONDITIONS: From assembled forecasts for the week, it looks like this first week in April will really be the first week of solid spring weather. Conditions for both temperature, wind and absence of precipitation all come together to provide a great pre-Easter period. With that stability, would hope that the spring fishing comes roaring in with action on our spring piscatorial visitors. As noted in the sector notes that follow, we could well see the final turn of winter conditions and a end to the abnormally slow winter fishing we have all experienced. Even the static conditions i.e. tide and water temperature should prove a positive factor all our anglers. The tides are coming off a new moon but will have a moderate morning incoming and finishes off the evening with a evening ebb tide that will average just under a 3’ fall.

BACKWATER: Water temperature should be the major change agent this week. With a steady diet of mid 80 degree water these coming afternoons will drive the basic water temp into the low 80’s. That will, hopefully, drive the spring species to chase the flood of bait schools that typically arrive in these conditions. Would expect to see the Spanish mackerel schools throughout all three Passes especially on the morning incoming. Working a flashy tipped jig on wire leader on a drift should enable some solid action. Another spring opportunity should show with pompano right at the very start of that morning incoming tide right at the Gulf Passes and be very active for an hour or so as they traverse the bait rich cut snd then scatter on connecting waterways …….best opportunity is while they are congregated in the Passes and being worked tipped small jigs worked right off the bottom.

NEARSHORE: A repeat from last week……..good chance there will be some yet-to-spawn sheepshead of considerable size still hanging out at the First and Second reef spots off the hotels/condos in 20-25’ of water. That anomaly won’t last forever as they eventually will make their way due west to cooler climes. Right now, they will still take a well presented tad of live shrimp or a cut crab. Otherwise, there should be a good presence of mackerel and bluefish mixed in with jacks and blue runners that are surface feeding on scads of bait. You’ll need a good chum effort to draw them and then it’s top water fast retrieves of flashy tipped jigs worked right in the spreading chum effort. If you do get into action…..might want to put a large fresh cut bait out on heavy gear just off the bottom……you never know what all that mackerel action is attracting.

OFFSHORE: Still seeing mixed action deep. There are still wide areas which have not totally recovered from the effects of red tide and algae infestation which has apparently depleted oxygen levels in the water……almost all species of fish avoid such a domain. So it’s a hunt to find good to very good action. A key is to look for bird action on a given spot……..birds will find the surface bait and that is the key to active pelagic fish feeding beneath. Also another positive trend is the activity of the returning pelagic fish emanating from their winter digs in the Keys. Once you find a working spot make sure you record the Lat/Lon as that benefit should last as other areas near it also recover.

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