Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

August 2nd 2019 Fishing Report




            AUGUST 2, 2019 TO AUGUST 9, 2019

 CONDITIONS: Classic summer pattern now is well ensconced as we dive into August. So rather than repeat the weekly weather particulars…….let’s go “upstream” and talk about handing fishing in the sub-tropics in the summer. If there is precipitation in the morning it usually blows through as you ready for your outing and returns much later in the heat on a shattering downpour as the late afternoon creeps downhill toward nightfall…….what’s left in between is what the anglers have to play with. As an aside issue, don’t want to chance a trip where you and your gang is in the storms jeopardy ring so you make safe choices and stay aware of your weather surroundings full time. Mornings just after first light will probably give you a worthwhile chance of starting and moderately sustaining a good trip. The bait will be active on wake up; the winds will be almost dormant and the fish are hungry. Only variable with that early start is what the tide will be doing…’ll want a moderately moving tide going in either direction but not racing, as the fish will bottom out unable to catch with the swift rush of the tidal water. Angling qualities will begin to fade as the sun hits about a 45 degree angle and the spectrum of the rays  soak and superheat already hot water…..the fish will then ogo off the feed and retreat into the shadows. Bottom line: you’ve had the best of the day…….count your catch and give thanks for the beauty of the morning. Tomorrow’s another day………

BACKWATER: Water staying unusually hot. Ranging between 85 and 87 with rain cooling it down a degree or two and then it will edge back up when the rain takes a break. Looking at some of my past records in the same same areas that about 3 degrees higher than we’ve ever experienced here. BUT that “record’ temperature has drawn an unparalleled amount of bait hordes just about everywhere and that has turned on the bite. Best show is the excessive amount of 12-14” mangrove snapper flooding the backwater edges and overhang fauna. Also the warmth has held the sought after snook all through the current points as they are seriously on a sustained feed, For the snook look for a backwater deeper spot just adjacent to a sheer drop off and the action point with be just off the curve between deep and shallow. Pilchards are the bait of choice for the snook big and small. The other anomaly is the number of sharks ………blacktops, bonnet heads, sand, that are attracted by the dual treat of hot water and tons of bait. The sharks will go for a fresh cut hunk of any of those bait fish…… to catch but, other than the black tips, not much on the table.

 OFFSHORE: Close inshore chasing legions of bait the pompano, mackerel, lane snapper and small sharks are anywhere in first 75-100 feet of water off the shore. And that ranges all the way from the Keeywadin Flats to the Naples Pier and taking most any bait teased up with a light dose of block chum. Mid range in the 3-5 mile domain where the first artificial reefs are located, there is strong bottom action on snapper, a few keeper triggerfish and some wandering tripletail and small kingfish, Those spots are easy to work with chum worked into the structure and sets the stage for good bottom action on some medium size kingfish and off a the bottom some capture-able 3-5’ black tip sharks. Sharks go for a sizeable fresh cut bait on wire leader and a mega hook on stout equipment. Super deep the game is on sizable kingfish as well as some curious cobia that work live bait on sight cast up near the surface. Might even come across a mega Goliath Grouper out here as well as some life size sharks.

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