Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

August 9th 2019 Fishing Report



          AUGUST 9, 2019 TO AUGUST 15, 2019


CONDITIONS: Forecasts for this coming week show some improvement in the raucous summer weather we’ve experienced for the last two to three weeks. There are seven of the week’s half day periods that indicate rain and storms (dangerous lightening events) so as the saying goes “it ain’t over yet”. But on the positive side, all that energy in the atmosphere has a tendency to quell the wind…..and so that will be a plus as all the forecast winds for the week are single digit and emanating from the favorable easterly direction. So flat water should be the standard for the coming week both in the backwaters as well as offshore. The water temperature should be nudged up a degree or two caused by the absence of the cooling rains we’ve seen for the past two or three weeks……Look for 86 degrees in the backwater and hovering around 84 offshore.And finally the tides will be interesting with strong incoming tides all morning every day. Morning tides with a plus level of 3’ everyday…..afternoon outgoing will end up being a foot less. Water clarity should be a neutral factor with some rain and negligible wind. Recommend even if your backwater take a device running a weather app and keep an eye on those red blotches (strong storms) and their predicted motion.

BACKWATER: Best choice of time to be on the water back here is EARLY!. First light will cut in between 0630 and 0645 which is comfortable for the angler and the feeding fish. And as you know if you’ve fished here the last month or so….it gets steaming hot as it approaches noon. And for the fish they feed by that cycle chowing down early and as those sun’s direct rays begin to pierce and heat the water they pull off and take siesta. If you work most any of the backwaters, you’ll see that cycle clearly evident. For big game we are seeing snook action from the Pass entrances to the connecting inshore waterways. All three passes have the same pattern with snook moving to waterway edges where there is a drop off, good tidal waterflow and evidence of bait schools working the area. Snook bait of choice is pilchards worked on fluorocarbon leader and circle hooks post bait shower. Redfish are the other major species showing good action in and among mangrove edges with the reds favoring the last (high water) stages of the incoming tide. Most active however right now are nice size mangrove snapper (11-13”) all along most backwater edges and jumping on a shrimp bait….either tide as long as the water isn’t racing. Now, a word  of caution….all that stays true as long as the water clarity remains clean. So watch the wind velocity predictions and wind out of the west. Will change everything.

OFFSHORE: Still experiencing great action all along the beaches from KIce Island (Cape Romano) all the way to north of Naples Gordon Pass as bait has assembled here and feeding on wide spread bait schools and are “plums” for the picking. Work either live bait or tipped jigs under a light chum effort especially in the morning incoming tides and you may surprise yourself with a nice pompano or small permit as well as a a nice size bottom feeding mangrove snapper. There are even a number of small sharks and ladyfish in the mix to raise the excitement level. The popular nearshore reefs (i.e. Walton Reef off Caxambas Pass and Five Mile Reef 4 miles SW from the Walton) are holding top water mackerel action in the morning incoming this week. Simple set up for the macks: anchor upstream from structure on incoming tide; deploy a block of chum..give it 15 minutes to draw the action and then work small flashy tipped jigs up close to the surface on a swift retrieval. Can also see bluefish in the catch here. Deep water offshore is best on selecting a wreck that shows plenty of bait action on the fishfinder as you search the area. Again chum in the water and if your target is the kingfish…tether a live bait at a 15th depth under a float on major tackle. Other frequent visitor here is the cobia and they will present themselves on the surface and best having a rig with live pinfish ready to cast to these curiosity seekers. Again…..caution and keep an eye on the sky. …You can’t outrun the storms !!

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