Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

June 14th 2019 Fishing Report



                JUNE 14, 2019 TO JUNE 21, 2019

 CONDITIONS: Just a moment to cover a matter of very important background on the water quality problems that plagued southwest Florida last year and our fishing quality !. This year the Florida Wildlife Commission has undertaken a comprehensive study and reporting on contaminated water conditions from Tampa south to the Florida Bay. They report their findings every other week on line at…..they do a excellent job segregating areas by geographic markers. Thus far,  they report some background issues but no active red tide or blue green algae intrusions……but they lay caution about what might happen when the major t-storms and tropical events are incurred here in the months ahead. For all of you who fish, copy down that site, and stay tuned as to what’s going on in your fishing area. If the 2018 event occurs here again,  look to selling the rods and reels.

Now to this coming week…..looks like we’ll get a short reprieve from the weather tumult of last week. Pattern is pretty consistent with clear mornings till late afternoons and no rain until late in the day. Of equal importance is the fact that the wind will be Easterly and Southerly and single digit velocity… you can count on reasonably clean water…..will not be the totally transparent water we faced last week but water with just a tad of haze that will hide the gaudy fishing gear and allow the fish to go for your bait. You should see a remarkable difference there. The water temperature is going to hold consistent in the 82-84 degree range and shouldn’t mount any action problems. And last but not least the tides are going through a full moon cycle and feature a favorable morning incoming moderate strength but hr outgoing in the afternoon will strengthen and be difficult to work. So all condition facets for the week point to more favorable morning action…..and it will be a tad cooler on you and you’re crew.

BACKWATER: The better water quality (and less clarity) will play out very well back here. Early will work very well this week as the start of the incoming tide with align almost perfectly with daybreak. Those features should provide good action on mackerel / bluefish et al working the marauding pelagics working the schools chasing the flood of bait being dived on by the gulls and pelicans. Choice is yours to either anchor up on structure and use chum to draw the pelagics or turn the cart and chase them on their eruption spots trolling a plain jig or a flashy spoon at about five knots, Both techniques will draw action and sustain same. Back in the bushes the nicer size mangrove snapper should be dominant and working current spots adjacent to fauna cover… attractant here are pieces of shrimp worked just off the bottom on 1/4 jigs or jig heads insuring you are working moving water. Back here you also always have a shot at something bigger like blackdrum, redfish or even a snook……all on live bait worked tight to ambush points.

NEARSHORE: The unusual pattern of school fish feeding on enormous swarms of bait up along the outside west edges of Keeywadin continues very strong……might try a venture there and check out the action. The specific spot is adjacent to the half dozen homes built on the island just north of the recreational beach……in 7-10 ft of water over a sand bottom that for some reason has drawn an overflow of bait. Action comes easy on tipped jigs or bottom rigs worked right along the bottom with a little encouragement with a measure of block chum fed into the current (incoming water has been best). Closer to Marco there is sustained action on mackerel and a few bluefish in 20-25’feet of water on the structures located there years ago. Key here is to “follow the birds”. Both pelicans and gulls are the “scouts” that dive on bait forced to the surface by the ravenous mackerel et al. Toss anything here and you’ll get a strike and either a throw back blue runner or a take home mackerel……and even a dreaded catfish. Both these spots are action intensive and close to home.

OFFSHORE: As we’ve always reiterated…..the BIG fish are out here in deeper water. And hanging around natural reefs and and rough bottom that hold their food (other fish). If you have your spots loaded into the GPS you’re all set……if you’re new to the game, the best addition to your fishing arsenal is the HOT SPOT CHART (available at the Rose Marina Store) which lays out Lat and Lon spots and the fish you can expect there. Now going deep, especially in the summer time, can be dangerous especially with stormy conditions. Cardinal Rule: Don’t take chances. But in good weather conditions, working one of these listed spots can be a delight. Using your GPS you can hone right in on the spot and see the structure in all it’s detail right on your fishfinder. Calculate your set and drift so that you end up with the “honey hole” just behind the boat and then get your chum block in the water pronto and get whatever rig you’re using right into the spot. Anything small to big can happen. Again…keep an eye on the weather; have a Chart to identify your catch; and release unscathed all discards  and undersized fish. Enjoy !

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