Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

June 21st 2019 Fishing Report



               JUNE 21, 2019 TO JUNE 27, 2019


CONDITIONS: Just a quick note on trying to forecast summer weather here on the Paradise Coast. We use both local forecasting predictions for the week ahead and the nationally recognized ACCUWEATHER on line forecasts to try and tell folks what lies ahead. While Accuweather does a thorough and mostly accurate job on general weather, wind, wind direction and frontal issues, they, and most everyone else is at a loss in forecasting the daily parade of afternoon storm conditions that rake our domain ……the best chance of accuracy there is the local news TV stations that are reporting two or three times daily…….you are encouraged to consider this report for basic issues but keep an ear to broadcast media for afternoon storm patterns that appear and disappear almost hourly. Staying safe out there is of primary importance.

And now to this week’s general weather predictions: Overall prediction is a week of no frontal activity and, of surprise, forecasts of winds in single digits only. That’s great for sea surface calm but not so good for over air and water temperatures. You won’t see much wind but lots of flat water and accentuated air and water heat. Expect real feel temperatures to tickle 100 degrees early afternoon and skyrocket water temperatures to the low 90’s. Only relief will be working the time of day to your advantage. That means GO EARLY and well before the sun is driving vertical rays into the water. Will match up well with an early incoming anyhow. There is only one late week afternoon with rain threats but remember what we just said about daily storm flow. Last issue: tides for the week will be moderate both ways with the morning incoming getting the most favorable nod.

 BACKWATER: A positive factor regarding water temperature: heat excites and drives attraction for most bait species. With that as a well known… will drive the fish, especially pelagics to feast. There should be feeding mayhem early mornings this week in the Passes (all three) with sea birds and most all pelagic species tearing into bait schools. Good chance for mackerel, bluefish, some pompano and even small permit on drifts working tipped jigs or spoon rigs on a tidal drift in the early morning first hours of the incoming tide. Keep the rig a few feet off the bottom to avoid small sharks and catfish. Heed the bird action as to the intensity of the bait surge…….birds leave / you leave. Action then in the good current fed backwater spots in Addison Bay, Rookery Bay and Johnson Bay should be considered working shrimp or live bait along the mangrove shaded edges in c=good current flow. Expect good snapper action here as primary with always a chance at some of the pelagics that disbursed from the Passes and few hours earlier. Again………recommendation of GO EARLY and quit when the heat starts melting your anglers and the bite.

NEARSHORE: Over the last couple weeks have seen a continuation of a good bite right up tight to the beaches from Cape Romano on north to the edges of Keywadin Island on large schools of pelagics and bottom dwellers that hold tight in the shallow water on schools of bait fish feeding on crabs and other crustaceans in the surface tossed water. Try setting up anywhere along the outside edge (away from bathers and shore anglers) and casting a baited jig on a slow agitated retrieve. Good chance for pompano here. Otherwise recommend working the artificial reef lumps all along the 20-30’ depths from South Seas to just south of the Marriott. Get a little chum in the water first and then work tipped jigs up the surface for pelagics or weighted jigs / rigs just off the bottom for snapper, triggerfish or even some small black tip shark action. Outer edges (30’) of the nearshore on the Five Mile and associated reefs working the bottom with live bait for bigger snapper, triggerfish and undersized grouper. Top water, under chum with fast retrieve artificial for barracuda or deep for black tip sharks on large fresh cut bait under chum on major gear.

OFFSHORE: Water surface conditions should be superb (flat) and with a moderately good tide especially the morning incoming should be very please at albeit HOT this week. Mid range reefs will be good potential for sizable lane and mangrove snapper with a occasional big porgie or triggerfish thrown in working cut bait just off the bottom under chum. Also beginning to see some keeper size gag grouper working the deeper reefs that have surrounding bottom structure. Work the gags well off the bottom with live bait worked on fluoro rigs under limited chum. Also showing deep are north migrating permit (20-30#) that LOVE the AF towers SW of the island. Working lee side of the water flow with freelined small crabs is best for exciting action. This particular venue is home to ravenous very speedy Goliath Grouper…….fish on……. reel as fast as you can with super tight drag. Exciting event.

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