Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

June 23 to June 29th Fishing Report

CONDITIONS: As we move “heatedly” into the end of June, we’ll see this coming week deliver some mid day real feel temperatures in the 105 degree range. That’s the bad part……the good part is that they forecast a diminishment of the daily deluges that we’ve seen over the past couple weeks. For us anglers those superheated conditions come with the warning to stay hydrated and shaded as best you can…..overheated conditions can sneak up on you and are dangerous. Otherwise the break in the rain deluges may give us a break on the mosquito “assault”. Less standing water will ease the incredible skeeter population at least for awhile. We will coming into a new moon period over the weekend and they are forecasting afternoon outgoing tides that will range close to five feet……that’s virtually unheard of here. Will turn off the fishing and create problems with shallow water navigation. And finally, a little more good news, the winds are generally diminished along with the afternoon gusts and are mostly southeasterly.  With all that we’ll probably experience a water temp will range from 85 to 87…….THAT’S HOT !

BACKWATER: As we’ve been saying over the past weeks, for a composite of reasons i.e. superheated water, tainted water clarity from the deluge storms, suspicion of the quality of water from run off and lake releases , the quality of fishing success is definitely marginal. All these issues effect the backwater more than the general offshore areas, so back here in the “bushes” you might have to do some unusual things to maximize your chances. Start with timing of your trips: go as early in the day (cooler) as you can arrange (Note: the sun’s rays don’t directly penetrate and superheat the water until about 10AM). Consider the tides; moderate speed water works best especially in the last/first hour of either tide. Work deeper: move slightly off your “usual spot” into a little deeper water. Chance the fish may move to a more comfortable temperature without leaving their area. Enough on the tips for today ……..Main target these days are mangrove snapper that are all along the shorelines that feature moving water. Some good areas are the “points” in Addison Bay and the entire area in Upper Addison (need a high tide to transit); The edges of the islands near Keeywadin Island are another good spot as long as there is moving water. Rookery Bay has good moving eater and lots of shaded overhangs that hold fish. Other species that you may run into on any of these spots are juvenile snook (all to be carefully released), small black drum, spec trout if fishing circa seagrass bottom. Pelagic fish are scarce but you may run into some nice pompano action in Hurricane Pass on the first and last hour of either tide working a small tipped jig to the bottom.

NEARSHORE:  Deeper water out here will generally be cooler than inshore and may even draw some of the backwater fish out here. That is especially true these days as the bait schools are thick along the first reefs as well as the Capri Pass area. Get fair to good reports on morning pelagic action circa the Walton Reef of Caxambas Pass as well as the southeast and northwest corners of the Five Mile Reef complex. Seeing fair to good action on lane and mangrove snapper in both areas and even hooking into a occasional mackerel or bluefish. You need a good chum effort and a reasonable tide for both species in both areas. The Keeywadin Reef located in 20′ of water just north of the famous beach area is also some nice action on small (3-4′) black tip sharks working a cut bait to the bottom in a good chum effort.

OFFSHORE:Should be a good week to venture deep with the abeyance in the rough winds and the moderation of storm activity. Although would caution to avoid the afternoon outgoing tides over the weekend….those 4-5′ tides will have the water running like a river. Look for continuing good pelagic action on the deeper wrecks; with kingfish as the dominant visitor and cobia a close second. Work the kings either with a live runner strung out on wire leader and in a good chum slick or on a troll on the wreck perimeter with flashy spoon / plug or even a tethered blue runner. The cobia will come to you……chum and commotion will draw them on the surface. Have a threadfin all hooked and ready to go on major spinning gear.

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