Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

June 9 to June 15th Fishing Report

CONDITIONS:  We got blindsided this past week with the sloppy intermittent rain squalls which squelched opportunity in the midst of nice moderate tides and light winds. Looks better in the week ahead…..that is. if the forecasts are accurate. They show a definite change in rain / storm pattern with some of that showing over the weekend and then it’s clear, dry sailing. But most importantly, the afternoon gusty winds that ruined the fishing in May are history. Wind direction will be mainly East and Southeast with some uptick in afternoon predicted winds but most all manageable in low teen velocity. We come off a full moon early weekend which will kick up the tide velocity. The morning incoming will be moderate and conducive to good action; the afternoon outgoing will be “speedy” and not as favorable. The water temperature is edging past the 85 mark and in some of the backwater shallows is just a degree or two short of 90, which is really a late summer benchmark around here….we’ll see what happens.

BACKWATER:  As the old adage restated……the fishing was great; the catching; not so good. It’s been a tough go all through the backwaters and even out along the beaches for the last months. Lots of finger pointing at causal factors but they are all conjecture. Consider it a part of nature’s cycle…we’ve had tough periods before. They have always changed for the better and staying positive will help sustain a favorable outlook. In the interim, consider focusing on maximizing your chances of success by abiding by just a few important factors. LOCATION: Try some new fishing spots where the water is cleaner and the tides moderate…..and go there when the tides are at optimum velocity even if that means changing your normal fishing time of 8-12 to say 11-3. MOVE: Work your spots for 15-20 minutes; no action…bite the bullet and move on. WATER CLARITY: If you can’t clearly see the “lower unit step” on your outboard; the fish (save the catfish) have the same problem with your bait. Move on. Now to this week’s fishing expectations: Mangrove snapper fishing (and size) are definitely improving. But with the water heat soaring, the deeper (10-12′) spots are holding the bigger fish. Try Rookery Bay / Addison Bay on current spots with those depths with a half a live shrimp. Spec trout are feeding in the Passes (Capri / Caxambas ) early down near bottom working a shrimp /tout couple feet off the bottom on a drift. All the Passes will be action spots for scattered pompano, bluefish, mackerel with the best action times an hour on either side of slack water on a drift or anchored up. Stay put through slack water and you’ll be rewarded.

NEARSHORE: With deeper, cooler water here chances of a favorable trip improve. Fish species normally abiding inshore these days will gravitate out here in the cooler climes. Fair to good action early mornings has been reported at the Walton Reef off Caxambas and the corners of the Marco Five Mile working the bottom with tipped weighted jigs under chum. Good chance for both lane and mangrove snapper here as well as mostly smaller red grouper. Always a chance at mackerel showing especially if you’re using chum…..if you get a bottom rig sheared off with a hard strike, replace it with a tipped jig on wire and work the surface. Also you’ll want to keep a hunk of cut bait on wire to the bottom under the chum….always a chance at a grouper and lots of small blacktip sharks around.

OFFSHORE: Best chances for success are out here……cooler water and major wreck / reef structure to hold bait and draw pelagics. Deep wrecks (15-20 miles) are continuing to hold those bait schools and attracting and holding pelagics. You’ ll see kingfish, cobia and perhaps a permit in the top waters and bottom action on lanes and mangroves as well as some tight schools of yellowtail snapper. You’ll need a strong chum effort to attract and hold the pelagics and the bottom dwellers will automatically show working the descending chum bits. Out deeper on hard bottom, the red grouper are staying active taking live pinfish worked to the bottom on a drift. The deeper you go the better the chances of a better keep to catch ratio.

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