Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

November 22nd 2019 Fishing Report



                   HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

       November 22, 2019 to November 28, 2019                                                

CONDITIONS: Thanksgiving week promises to be very “seasonal” with (finally) fall like temperatures a smattering of rain over the coming weekend and, thankfully for us anglers, persistent light winds. Perfect !!…’d say but not quite. Overriding these positives is the overarching presence of the red tide dilemma effecting almost all of the southeast coast of Florida. Monitoring the bi-weekly reports from the state, the dreaded condition is wide spread and with significant levels of k.brevis evident from Cape Romano to Bonita Springs. This week’s report shows evidence of the conditions 18 miles offshore Naples. Know it’s a redundant recommendation but it still fits the conditions……..Be flexible and have a plan to work various spots both inside and offshore. Look for areas where there are birds working and maybe a little deeper water where the bait schools are breaking the surface……that’s where the still healthy fish will be feeding. Don’t take chances with landing and boxing a limpid looking catch…….with questionable condition. And finally, the tides look great this week even with assimilating a new moon activity. The water temperature, as you might expect is falling and will probably end the week just a tad under 80 degrees.

BACKWATER: Good chance that the deeper creeks and cuts back here will retain cleaner water and hold lively bait ergo good fishing. Places like Johnson Bay incoming cuts and the main current passage in Rookery Bay could be top notch opportunities on that afternoon incoming tide might be best working the edge drop offs with cut bait or tipped jigs to the bottom. Another good bet for Marco would be using the high tide early morning this week to explore Upper Addison Bay deeper cuts where the red tide is thin to non-existent and which has long been a haven for redfish this time of year. Working whole shrimp under a popper here with a 3’ leader here might grab you some nice results. Lastly, the waters of Hurricane Pass on the first hour of either tide will give you a chance at some pompano action working a tipped jig right off the bottom in the first hours of both tides.

OFFSHORE: With the reported extended reaches of the red tide this week would recommend working tight to the beaches and inside reefs or going deep (past 20 miles) to pick up clean water. The established reefs inside should have enough water flow to somewhat nullify the red tide. And here you could well run into some nice bottom action on lane and mangrove snapper as well as a few triggerfish and sea trout. Deep on the wrecks and reefs. you’d have a shot at some retreating pelagics heading south like kingfish and cobia and maybe even a grouper or two. Also have a couple of reports of gag grouper on the deeper structure spots. Gags are more likely to be hovering in the 20-25’ depth working bottom structure and will take most any live bait and larger jointed plugs worked on a slow troll. Don’t forget to set a lookout for sunning tripletail right alongside a stone crab trap marker.

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