Rose Marina Fishing Report - Marco Island, Fl

September 14th 2019 Fishing Report



               September 14, 2019 TO September 20, 2019


 CONDITIONS: Those contiguous waves of early fall storms are right in line as we slide into the middle of September. We all took a deep breath as DORIAN skidded by to our east but here we are looking at some other undefined low pressure systems keeping us on edge with storm shutters in hand. As we take a look at the middle of the month and our fishing prospects we have to be cautious and hopeful that we can clear the next couple of weeks and skid into full blown fall weather here on the Paradise Coast. In the interim, or at least for the next week or so our nemesis will be those conditions that will follow us right into winter, namely wind and unsettled general weather conditions. So as we open the week ahead expect to see some raucous winds and rainy conditions to prevail. We will encounter some rocky seas as well as wet periods almost all of the coming week. Can expect to see the seawater temperature to tumble downward just a bit and you’ll be looking at a drop on water temp of 2-3 degrees ………not a major shift but may make some of our summer species to go skittish on the bite. The winds, too, can put some water clarity deterioration in play. But hopefully we’ll again escape a major storm hit. Finally, the tides will be coming off a full moon on Sunday and will be moderate with an early morning incoming and the easing on the afternoon ebb.  As they say……..hope springs eternal.

 BACKWATER: Since most these updated effects are, at best, very moderate we most probably will see a continuance of the late summer action in the backwaters. Albeit that the wave of weather differences day to day doesn’t spin the barometer downhill which could directly effect the”bite”. Expectation is that we will continue with excellent action on sizable mangrove snapper throughout the inside waters. The bait rich waters this summers have provided a wealth of growth opportunity for the fast growing mangroves and seeing a wealth of 12 and 13” snappers has made many a happy outing. That should continue at least until we get a solid cold snap. The cool water action should shift to see more nice size trout showing in in the grass bottom spots along Caxambas Pass and the Johnson Bay grass patches on either tide and taking that nice shrimp worked under a popper especially on the incoming tide. Redfish are also staying dominant in the cooling conditions. A whole shrimp worked under a popper alone the last hour of the incoming tide all along the Marco River shallow edges should get nice action.

OFFSHORE: Couple of divergent factors here……..sea conditions at times,  may put a damper on creature comfort and forestall working the deeper waters for the still available migrating species i.e. kingfish, cobia, permit but that could be well replaced as the stone crab fleet begins the placement of the traps and markers which are nirvana for the treasured tripletail all along the Paradise Coast. Anytime circa 10/15 when making transit east or west, set a lookout to sight what looks like a piece of flotsam alongside the trap marker……that’s a tripletail sunning. Double back quietly and work a dark colored tipped jig and you’ll be rewarded with one of the finest tasting seafood on the planet. Otherwise the action deep will depend on how the water and air temperature work out as the winter progresses. Chill down quickly means sheepshead; warmth means a moderate continuation of summer / fall action i.e. snapper, mackerel and pompano


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